Digital Sales Engagement: 2-day Assessment

Hexaware Technologies

Hexaware offers a 2-day assessment that leverages the maturity assessment framework to assess client’s sales ecosystem and processes and provides cost-benefit analysis &roadmap to achieve target state

Hexaware Digital Sales Engagement offering helps clients in providing services like selling of complex product offerings and subscription services, generating real-time quotes for products, providing service insights for cross-sell/up-sell of services to customers

Pre-workshop Tasks:

  • Hexaware will share Assessment questionnaire with client.
  • Client SPOC/SME can fill that offline and share with Hexaware.
  • Client can also share related Data, reports and documents which will be useful for workshop.

Based on responses, Hexaware will analyze and create initial Point of view for customer :

  • Customer business brand specific challenges, objectives and KPIs
  • High level system info
  • Market characteristic and trends
  • Competitor audit – sales strategies and trends
  • Identify market influencers

Workshop Sessions :

Day 1 : Validate Initial Point of view on Customer Maturity level

Session 1:

  • Kickoff meeting with stakeholders
  • Share Key Market and competitor insights
  • Clarification on queries based on customer answers in assessment questionnaire and customer current business models
  • Discussions on Hexaware findings and Initial point of view
  • Validate Current maturity level

Session 2:

  • Discussion on target Vision and objectives
  • Determine target maturity based on customer objectives, budget
  • Validate Target Maturity level to be achieved

Day-2: Consult on Target Maturity level and path to achieve it

Session 3:

  • Maturity Reports (Current & Target)
  • Business Case Document
  • Benefits from Digital Sales Engagement offering
  • Benefits from Cloud enablement
  • RoI achievement plan with Our offering

Session 4: Roadmap

  • Implementation Roadmap
  • Roadmap to transform to target maturity level
  • Challenges on the transformation journey and how to overcome them.
  • Best Practices to make journey successful and capitalizing on market opportunities
  • Discussion on Next Steps
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