HPT Digital Workplace Adoption_4weeks

HPT Vietnam Corporation

The application of standard processes and tools for leading the people side of change

Often, managing the people side of a change is the most challenging component of digital transformation. That’s why HPT, a collaborative change management and adoption program. The custom-developed program helps clients ensure a Microsoft 365 solution is effectively embraced, adopted, and used. Prepares your workforce for upcoming changes​Optimizes end user adoption and usage​ of Microsoft 365 solutions Mitigates project risk and resistance​Drives faster ROI​Ensures a project achieves intended outcomes​Makes IT initiatives more successful -Strategic Readiness​Key Stakeholders​

  • Provide direction and governance of Microsoft 365 services where necessary​
  • Organizational Readiness​Company-Wide​
  • Information about the change is communicated effectively and often using accepted mediums​
  • Operational Readiness​IT Admins & Support​
  • Service desk is prepared with troubleshooting guides and workflows​ involving Microsoft 365 products
  • Individual Readiness​End User​
  • Awareness of upcoming changes​
  • Training and adoption ​of adopted Microsoft 365 services

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