Microsoft 365 Litigation Readiness Playbook: 2-Week Workshop

Innovative Discovery, LLC

Learn how litigation content is stored, created, & consumed. We will help your company gain insight into your processes & streamline your workflow to attain Microsoft 365 litigation readiness.

Is your organization facing uncertainty around litigation workflows after migrating to Microsoft 365 eDiscovery?

This is not uncommon.

Throughout the pandemic, many companies have quickly adopted the Microsoft 365 platform to ease the crisis of remote work. Swift deployment of new tools has created challenges for many discovery teams now struggling to locate relevant content for their cases.

Innovative Driven’s End-to-End Microsoft 365 solutions and services guide organizations from data migration to platform optimization. We help organizations reduce their data footprint and manage information more effectively to minimize the impact of cybersecurity events, reduce exposure to privacy and regulatory events and reduce downstream eDiscovery costs.

Become more confident in your new Microsoft 365 environment with the support of a team of eDiscovery experts: Innovative Driven has both the legal and technical expertise to be your trusted advisor on litigation readiness for Microsoft 365. Innovation Driven’s Litigation Readiness assessment provides the insight, education, and recommendations to help improve your litigation readiness within the Microsoft 365 environment.

Through a 2-week assessment program, your organization can strengthen its understanding of the eDiscovery tools available in Microsoft 365 and how they fit into the overall litigation readiness plan. Learn how litigation content is stored, created, and consumed. Innovative Driven will help your organization gain insight into your processes and streamline your workflow to attain Microsoft 365 litigation readiness.


*Week 1 *Innovative Driven will facilitate an eDiscovery Overview session with the discovery and litigation team to educate and answer questions as they pertain to the Microsoft 365 discovery solution set

  • Innovative Driven will conduct a series of short assessments to better understand litigation requirements, current challenges, and overall readiness of the current plan

*Week 2 *Innovative Driven experts will utilize the findings from the assessments to develop a bespoke litigation playbook of tailored recommendations. *The playbook is presented to your organization and Innovative Driven leads a comprehensive walkthrough of the content.


*Educate: Workshop-style training to understand what ESI types are stored in Microsoft 365, Capabilities of discovery tools and best practices and pitfalls in the Microsoft 365 eDiscovery solution. *Review & Assess: Innovative Driven team reviews and documents current processes and workflows on how litigation activities are currently managed.
*Process & Workflows: Based off existing processes and workflows, recommendations on process and technology improvements to simplify and build confidence in litigation activities will be made.
*Playbook: Delivery of a bespoke Litigation Playbook tailored to organizations that will document the processes and workflows to provide consistency in litigation activities.

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