Custom Teams App: 2-Week Proof of Concept


Accelerate the development of a custom Teams app. We will assess your business objectives, develop an architecture and development plan, and build a functional proof of concept to get you started.

Microsoft Teams provides an extensible platform to create and deploy tightly integrated applications, allowing users to interact with custom applications as part of an overall Teams collaborative experience. With a custom Teams app, you can embed your website within a channel, automatically push notifications, and even build conversational bots to create an interactive experience.

##Proof of Concept Objectives:

  • Understand your unique business requirements and current Teams use cases
  • Choose one or more Teams extension points to start with (personal app, tab, connector, bot, messaging extension)
  • Work together to determine requirements
  • Collaborate with our UI/UX design team to create app mock ups
  • Create app architecture and development plan
  • Build and deploy the proof of concept Teams app
  • Optional: Extend the proof of concept to a full-featured application and/or additional extension points

##About Insiten:

Insiten is a Gold Microsoft Partner who brings a unique blend of business acumen and functional/technical proficiency to its customers. Our ability to deeply understand your business allows us to get it right the first time, with faster results, less rework, and fewer bugs than our competitors. Our expertise includes cloud application development, mobile apps, DevOps, security and infrastructure, and UI/UX design.

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