Windows 365: 5-week Proof of Concept

Interlink Cloud Advisors, Inc.

Enhance productivity through flexibility by enabling your team to create secure Cloud PCs and allowing BYOD without increasing risk to your environment

While Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) offers flexibility, both to organizations and end-users, it has historically meant additional exposure to potential security risks. Windows 365 is built to enhance the organizational flexibility offered by a BYOD approach while effectively minimizing the security risks. With the power of Microsoft Windows 365, you can improve regulatory compliance and IP protection, simplify and accelerate the onboarding and offboarding process for elastic workforces, and enable secure Cloud PCs – even on personal devices.

Week 1: Kickoff, Planning & Setup
Week 2: Modern Management Assessment
Week 3: Windows 365 Deployment & Testing
Week 4: Windows 365 Monitoring & Feedback
Week 5: Knowledge Transfer

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