Copilot for Security: 3-week Proof of Concept

Interlink Cloud Advisors, Inc.

Prepare to defend your environment at the speed and scale of AI with Microsoft's Copilot for Security

Empower your security team with Interlink Cloud Advisor's Copilot for Security Proof of Concept

Microsoft's Copilot for Security utilizes AI to enable security operations teams to more quickly respond to threats and complete configuration tasks within their Microsoft Security stack and supported third party integrations.

Copilot for Security is easy to implement but requires a well-deployed security architecture to maximize its effectiveness and profitability. Interlink will assist you in understanding your current and potential security architecture and provide customized operational guidance on how to use the modern security solutions of Copilot for Security in your enterprise.

What's included:
Phase 1: Readiness Assessment, including review of licensing, third party security tools and policies and governance and identification of users/personas and definition of appropriate roles
Phase 2: Proof of Concept, including two workshops covering overview of usage and options as well as prompting library, and recommendations on how to use Copilot for Security for incident management, threat hunting and more

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