Teams Governance: 1-day workshop

Interlink Cloud Advisors, Inc.

Whether you are looking to get started or have already implemented Teams, Interlink can provide guidance during governance planning to help ensure data control, security, and content organization.

The Microsoft Teams collaboration platform is becoming an essential tool for all businesses but managing an organization-spanning Teams environment is no easy task. Major governance measures must be in place to contain sprawl, secure data, and ensure efficiency.

Interlink’s Teams Governance offer can help you ask the right questions and plan your policies and processes carefully. • Will your organization need to limit who can create a team or group? • Does your organization require a specific naming convention for Teams? • Will your organization want to limit Teams' features for specific users or the entire tenant? • Do Team creators need the ability to assign organization-specific classifications to teams? • Do you need to restrict the ability to add guests to Teams on a per-team basis?

We can help you develop a clear vision of your specific organizational needs and how Teams will benefit your users. Plus, we also offer Teams governance tools to turn your business needs into automated processes.

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