Microsoft 365 Health Check: 3-Week Consult


Optimize your Microsoft 365 licenses. Save money, improve productivity, and identify license utilization as well as potential security issues.

Have you invested in Microsoft 365 but have no insight into which licenses are being fully utilized or how your environment is protected? This low-risk Microsoft 365 Health Check, using Surveil, is the first step to optimize your Microsoft environment, providing AI-driven recommendations, from cost savings to under-utilized resources. On-boarding takes minutes, and the read-only access scan runs quietly in the background, gathering data, while you run your business as usual. After 3-weeks, we deliver an informed report, detailing opportunities to better optimize, secure, and control your Microsoft 365 environment. Customers experience average cost savings between 17-30% after running the Health Check.


  • Assessment of your Microsoft 365 environment.
  • Report that presents opportunities to optimize, secure, and control your Microsoft 365 environment

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