Tableau Migration to Power BI: 3-Day POC

Inviso Corporation

Using your data, Inviso will work with you to develop a trial report for purposes of demonstrating the advantages of utilizing Power BI in your organization.

The Power BI Proof of Concept is designed for organizations looking to understand Power BI’s functionality and ROI, quickly create a tangible report to circulate internally to demonstrate feasibility, or just see how Power BI can unlock actionable insights from your data.

This offering includes our free Getting Started 1-Day Assessment to get things started.


At the conclusion of the engagement you will receive the following:

  • Roadmap for designing, developing, deploying, and maintaining your Power BI environment
  • Estimate of time and effort needed to achieve your Power BI goals
  • A Power BI report containing your data


Getting Started Assessment

Day 1 – Environment and requirements assessment

  • Review your existing data sources, security requirements, licensing position, current infrastructure, and any existing reporting
  • Identification of Proof of Concept requirements

Proof of Concept

Day 1 – Data Assessment and Collection

  • Gather source data for report
  • Initial development of data model

Day 2 – Report Development

  • Data transformations
  • Finalize data model
  • Develop visualizations

Day 3 – Report Finalization

  • Finalize and clean-up of visualizations
  • Demonstrate Proof of Concept
  • Determine next steps

Prerequisite: Inviso personnel must be able to access corporate data in order to build Power BI Desktop files, and must be granted an Office 365 account to deploy and configure the reports and dashboards in the Power BI Service.


This POC offering is fully funded by Microsoft investments in supporting customers’ successful adoption of Power BI. During a discovery call we will confirm your specific requirements and objectives and, with you permission, work to secure the appropriate funding on your behalf. As with all Microsoft investments, they are available on a first come, first serve basis.

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