Mobile Intune: 1-Wk Accelerated Implemention

ITC Secure Ltd

Accelerated Deployment of Microsoft Intune for Corporate Mobile Devices (iOS, Android and macOS)

The digital landscape is changing rapidly - we need to adapt and ensure devices can be managed securely.

With the working landscape evolving, end users are expecting to work seamlessly on any device, with a move to mobility and flexibility while maintaining productivity. Organisations face a challenge managing and securing devices whilst ensuring security, data protection and visibility.

Microsoft Intune has been developed to directly address these challenges, support iOS, Android and MacOS to ensure all these devices can be fully provisioned, secured and managed. Intune supports integration into Android Enterprise and Apple Device Enrolment, to support zero touch cloud provisioning, downloading policies and applications your organisation has implemented within Intune. What’s more, Intune can also manage mobile devices without enrolment, with Mobile Application Management capabilities, policies on applications can be enforced on to any device ensuring corporate data is safely accessed, while planning and implementing a migration strategy to Intune.

ITC Secure will assist you with the installation and configuration of Microsoft Intune, identifying through workshops, the key requirements to meet the goals of the business.  Our experts will introduce Microsoft Intune to the environment; working with you to identify key objectives and challenges, providing both a best practice solution for deployment as well as a demonstration of Intune.

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