Microsoft Yammer Migration: 1-Wk Tenant-to-Tenant Migration

IT Partner LLC

Facilitate a smooth transition of your Yammer network and its associated data from one Microsoft 365 tenant to another.


  1. Seamless Collaboration: Keep your Yammer network intact during changes like mergers, acquisitions, or restructuring, ensuring uninterrupted collaboration via Microsoft 365.
  2. Data Integrity Assurance: Our meticulous planning safeguards your Yammer data, reducing disruption and preserving data integrity within Microsoft 365.
  3. Efficiency and Expertise: Our expert team and tools streamline migration within Microsoft 365, making it efficient and stress-free.


Microsoft Yammer Tenant-to-Tenant Migration may be necessary when an organization is merging with another company, acquiring a new company, or restructuring its internal divisions and wants to maintain the same Yammer network for communication and collaboration. The process typically involves exporting the data from the source tenant Yammer network, configuring, and setting up the destination tenant Yammer network, and then importing the data into the new tenant. This includes but is not limited to users, groups, conversations, files, and other Yammer resources. This process can be complex and requires a detailed plan and careful execution to ensure minimal disruption to users and to avoid data loss.

Our goal is to successfully migrate your Yammer network and its associated data from one Microsoft 365 tenant to another using specialized tools and expert support.


  1. Verify source Yammer network configuration.
  2. Configure and set up the destination tenant Yammer network.
  3. Migrate data from one Microsoft 365 tenant to another.


  1. Provide a dedicated point of contact responsible for working with IT Partner.
  2. Provide access to source and destination tenant and Yammer network.


  1. Microsoft 365 License is required for Source & Target Connector Accounts.
  2. The Yammer Enterprise License is required for both Source & Target Connector accounts.
  3. The Source Connector account and Target Connector account should have either of the following roles.
  4. Global Administrator role or Yammer Administrator + User Administrator role.


The plan may vary depending on your needs.

  1. Kickoff meeting.
  2. Perform Pre-migration source system health check.
  3. Set up the destination Yammer network.
  4. Migrate Yammer data from one Microsoft 365 tenant to another.
  5. Verify and fix the issues, if any.


  1. Source Microsoft 365 Yammer network has been successfully migrated to the destination Microsoft 365 Yammer network and is accessible by all users.
  2. All necessary Groups & Members are created and working properly.
  3. Conversations are migrated to destination Microsoft 365 Yammer network.

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