ABA Therapy - Analytics Scorecard


Enhance Your ABA Practice with Data-Driven Insights and AI-Powered Matching

Master the KPIs for your ABA therapy business with our ABA Analytics Scorecard - Your Roadmap to Data-Driven Success.

Struggling to make sense of your ABA practice data? Our combined solution, the ABA Analytics Scorecard and AI Technician Recommendation Engine, empowers you with:

  1. Data Driven Insights for ABA Practice
  2. Built with Microsoft's cutting-edge Power BI technology, our ABA Analytics Scorecard offers unparalleled data visualization and analysis.

    Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are essential to evaluate the ABA Practice’s performance towards strategic planning and therapy success. KPIs typically fall into the below categories –

    • Operational
    • Clinical
    • Financial

    ABA Analytics Scorecard, helps the Operations and Clinical Teams get insights on the below focus areas -

    • Are clients making progress on their treatment goals?
    • What are the Client Authorized Treatment Hours for the time period?
    • Track critical incidents of the Clients and view the trend of the Interfering Behaviors of Clients. Track if there is a noticeable reduction in such incidents.
    • Are clients’ families or other caregivers engaged in the treatment process?
    • How many Therapy Hours are provided and How many Supervision Hours are provided?

  3. AI-Powered Technician Matching
  4. ABA Technician Recommendation Engine auto-recommends the allocation of Technician to a Case. The AI algorithm scans through the data and finds the best match for a Technician to be assigned to a Case. The best fit will take into consideration many factors such as -

    • Reliability score of a technician
    • Technician Capacity
    • Technician Credentialling
    • Client Proximity
    • Working Conditions (e.g. pets in the client’ house, language, etc.)

    The JBS Technician Recommendation Engine has the following benefits –

    • assists the Operations side of Business for optimal Utilization of Technician Hours
    • assists the Clinical side of Business to find the best fit of Technician for a Case, thus ensuring success with client treatment

Our Analytics and Scorecards are used by US based leading provider in ABA Therapy. Leveraging Predictive and Benchmark Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) within our Scorecards cultivates a growth-oriented mindset and empowers ABA Therapy Providers by -

  • Improving patient outcomes
  • Customer Retention
  • Optimal Utilization of Technician Hours
  • Technician Effectiveness and Mapping

Trusted by leading US ABA therapy providers, our solution leverages predictive and benchmark KPIs to cultivate a growth-oriented mindset and empower you to achieve success. Ready to unlock the power of data and AI?

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