Cloud Security Baseline Deployment Package: 4-Wk Implementation

Klarinet Solutions

Reduce Risk, Increase Security & Compliance by Implementing the Microsoft 365 Cloud Security Tools You Already Own!

Gartner reported through 2022, at least 95% of cloud security failures are predicted to be the customers fault. One security issue can create devastating affects to your business or potentially put your company out of business. With the Microsoft 365 cloud software suite, many subscriptions include tools such as Intune, AD Premium, Advanced Threat Analytics, Advanced Threat Protection, etc. but deploying these tools successfully for the first time can be challenging.

Working alongside Klarinet's experienced Microsoft cloud security team, we will guide your team to deploy the Microsoft 365 cloud security tools you own while training your staff along the way so you can maintain the baseline cloud security beyond the initial deployment. This package will help your organization -

  • Block scams, account compromises & phishing attacks
  • Navigate the complexities of compliance & security with a trusted Microsoft 365 partner
  • Prevent & resolve threats on both company and employee owned devices
  • Protect your business against data breaches & compliance failures
  • Create a plan for continual monitoring of your company's overall security score

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