Microsoft 365 Copilot Express: 30-Day Assessment & POC

Long View Systems

Start your journey with Copilot adoption through a managed pilot for robust security, empowered teams, and immediate value.

Launch into the New Era of Work Quickly & Securely

Microsoft 365 Copilot revolutionizes the way your employees work, but governance, security, and change management remain critical hurdles to AI adoption. Long View's Microsoft 365 Copilot Express POC offering removes these hurdles, enabling you to quickly realize value from Copilot's transformative capabilities.

Rapid Deployment, Rapid Benefits

Long View is here to support your AI journey. Long View's Microsoft 365 Copilot Express streamlines the adoption of Copilot to accelerate your time to value, including:

  • ASSESSMENTS: Thorough technical and data security assessments.
  • OPTIMIZATION: Strategic license optimization and investment maximization.
  • INTEGRATION: Precise Microsoft 365 configuration for Copilot integration.
  • DEPLOYMENT: Managed production-ready pilot deployment.
  • TRAINING: Robust training and support for end-users.
  • ADOPTION: Tactical production rollout adoption plan.

Roadmap Productivity with Copilot Express Deliverables

Leverage the power of Copilot with optimized end-user experiences, robust security measures, and a streamlined adoption process. Your organization gains increased productivity, successful implementation, and a future-proof workforce, all within a concise 30-day timeline.

The Microsoft 365 Copilot Express Engagement is delivered in five (5) workstreams running in parallel:

  • Technical Readiness: Strategic assessment of your organization's needs, resulting in a well-defined, actionable roadmap for the entire project. [One (1) - Two (2) weeks]
  • Data Security: Thorough analysis of your workplace's data protection and compliance stature with our comprehensive assessment. [Two (2)- Three (3) weeks]
  • Data Remediation: Rapid resolution of data-related issues identified in our assessment to deliver a secure and compliant environment. [Three (3) days]
  • Adoption Accelerator: Training, change management, robust monitoring, and reporting to empower users and accelerate the adoption process. [Three (3) weeks]
  • Managed Proof of Concept/Pilot: A production-ready pilot allowing for controlled testing, user feedback, and refinement, enabling Copilot's swift and seamless integration into your organization's workflow. [Two (2) weeks]

Optimize to innovate, innovate to empower with our seasoned AI-experts. Start harnessing the power of Copilot for Microsoft 365 today!

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