Admin Center of Excellence: 2-Day Workshop

MAQ Software

Optimize your licensing costs and security by learning about tenant-level settings in Power BI

Power BI offers multiple ways to access data, implement security, and share reports. It can be challenging to effectively manage multiple licenses while maintaining security and keeping costs low. We’ll help you understand the settings available to admins and users to establish clear org-wide guidelines. Our workshop covers typical admin tasks and tools, such as

  • Power BI admin portal
  • Office 365 admin center

You’ll know how to minimize licensing costs while remaining compliant with your company’s IT and data security policies. Audience

  • Power BI admins
  • O365 admins
  • Individuals setting up a Power BI center of excellence in their organization

Agenda Module 1: Introduction to Power BI (Optional Demo)

  • Power BI desktop
  • Query editor
  • Data modeling
  • Visualization
  • Power BI service
  • Data sets
  • Reports
  • Dashboards
  • Workspaces

Module 2: Understanding the Power BI Admin Role

  • What is a Power BI admin?
  • Power BI admin tasks
  • Power BI admin tools

Module 3: Power BI Governance

  • Understanding the role of administration and governance
  • Elements of data governance
  • Visibility
  • Control
  • Compliance
  • Configuring tenant settings
  • Deploying organizational visuals
  • Managing embed code
  • Help and support settings

Module 4: Establishing a Power BI Environment

  • Introduction to the tenant
  • Choosing a data center
  • User account vs guest accounts
  • Licensing
  • Power BI Premium feature comparison
  • Power BI Premium per user
  • Guest licensing
  • License agreement
  • Understanding Pro trials

Module 5: Provisioning Premium Capacity

  • Pro vs Premium
  • Premium resource management
  • Resources that Power BI consumes
  • Managing resources
  • Factors to consider for capacity and performance management
  • Dedicated capacity SKUs
  • Testing Premium capacity
  • Supporting Multi-Geo
  • Bring your own key
  • Monitoring individual reports
  • Tabular editor
  • DAX Studio

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