Power BI Data to Excel: 2-Wk Proof of Concept

MAQ Software

As part of this engagement, we will build a proof of concept which demonstrates how our solution can help you download your Power BI Reports’ data to Microsoft Excel.

Our Export Power BI data to Excel solution allows you to download a consolidated Excel spreadsheet consisting of all the data points available in your Power BI report.


  • Collaborate with business stakeholders to understand the requirement
  • Develop a mock-up of the Excel report that will be generated by our solution
  • Build and demonstrate a working proof of concept of our Export Power BI data to Excel solution integrated into your report


At the end of the engagement, you will have a proof of concept demonstrating how the Export Power BI data to Excel solution can help you download the data points in your report.


  • This assessment will require us to collaborate with business analysts, BI/DW report creators within your organization
  • As part of this engagement, we will integrate the Export Power BI data to Excel solution to a report in your non-production environment
  • The requirement gathering from the business stakeholders will be completed 5 working days prior to the actual engagement
  • A production-ready implementation of this feature will be available at an extra cost
  • This offering is designed for large global organizations looking to implement the Export to Excel functionality in their existing Power BI reports