Free Migrate Qlik to Power BI: 2-Hr Briefing

MAQ Software

Discover how can you migrate Qlik reports to Microsoft Power BI with minimal impact to business users

Does your organization use Qlik and is looking to migrate to Power BI? Is the lack of expertise in Power BI holding you back from deciding the best path for migration?

Landing a new tool right the first time is critical for successful adoption. This means providing the best reporting experience to end users and ensuring a smooth transition to the new report. Our experience in helping customers move to Power BI from Qlik has exposed us to various scenarios that companies come across.

We will understand your requirements and suggest the best way to plan your migration to Power BI in the context of your data sources and IT policies.


Get expert advice to migrate Qlik reports to Power BI


Power BI Sponsors/Power BI Champions/IT Admins/Report Developers

Meeting Output:

You will understand the way ahead in your migration journey to Power BI using MAQ Software Consulting offerings.

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