Get your Viva Pilot in 2 Weeks!

Maureen Data Systems

Get your Viva Two Modules Pilot Ready in 2 Weeks with MDS Envisioning / Readiness sessions.

After passing your MDS Readiness Assessment, MDS will assist getting your Viva Reimagine Employee Pilot and User Adoption Plan for a small group of users including two modules of your choice. With an experienced Viva solutions practice and delivery success stories, MDS will help envision your desired state – one that brings people, teams, applications, and data together with two modules of your choice selecting from to encourage information growth with Viva Topics; discover, learn, and track learning needs with Viva Learning; or leverage OKRs to align teams on a common business goal setting and management methodology with Viva Goals. Through Envisioning/Readiness sessions, our team will capture your priorities, business challenges, and culture to design and plan your Pilot and Adoption roadmap that meets your needs to deliver a Complete Reimagined Employee Experience with MDS Viva Readiness Solution Package.

  • MDS will conduct Envisioning/Readiness sessions during this engagement to deep-dive analytics to solve high-value business challenges and help you identify two Viva modules for your Pilot and Adoption Plan within the first week.
  • MDS will conduct Pilot and Adoption Ready sessions for mix and match two modules implementation with Viva Connections, Viva Topics, Viva Learning, or Viva Goals in 2 weeks. Approach

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