Protect & Govern Sensitive Data: 3-Day Workshop

Netrix Global

A 3-day engagement designed to address compliance risks head-on and equip you with the insights needed to better discover, protect, and govern your corporate data.

The Protect & Govern Sensitive Data Workshop is an engagement designed to help customers understand & mitigate hidden privacy & regulatory risks within their own environment with Microsoft Purview​.

Workshop Highlights: Receive a data risk check and Compliance Manager tenant assessment, Microsoft compliance overview, recommendations and next steps.

Day 1: Kick-off meeting - Acquire and assign licenses Setup and configure discovery services Help discover and classify data Identify data risks to help meet compliance and privacy requirements

Day 2: Data risk check - Uncover data risks in the environment Protect and govern data where it lives Complete Data Protection Baseline Assessment Understand the risks of Dark Data and how to mitigate

Day 3: Recommendations and next steps - Analyze the findings and associated privacy and regulatory risks Provide recommendations for risk mitigation Define actionable next steps

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