Intranet Modernization with Microsoft 365: 2 Hour Free Briefing


Enterprise intranet workspace solution implementation leveraging Microsoft 365

The traditional vision of a corporate intranet is quite different from what a modern digital employee experience should be. The entire world is learning to work online, and the environment they will spend most of their time in should help them be more efficient, engaged, and informed in all aspects of their work journey. It should be a place where they can do more than just find documents and read announcements. The modern intranet is a complete platform that helps employees easily find answers, collaborate with their teammates, and be engaged with their peers, regardless of their location or organization.

Microsoft 365 provides a complete set of tools for corporate communication both uni and multi-directional. But doing it right is a process that requires a lot of planning, and to really take it to the next level, even a degree of custom development. We at Netwoven have decades of experience architecting and deploying modern corporate intranets that can transform your outdated employee portal and provide your users with the latest and greatest functions around collaboration and communication, making your teams more efficient, effective, and engaged. In our free strategy briefing, we will work with you to discern the current state of your corporate intranet and introduce the Microsoft 365 platform, along with the roadmap to planning, building, and deploying the ultimate modern digital employee experience.

What you get with our 2-hour Free Briefing

Review the current state of your corporate intranet

Introduce the Modern Digital Experience with Microsoft 365

  • Explore “The Art of the Possible”

  • Learn about the different apps and their purposes

Plan your roadmap

  • Discuss the importance of navigation

  • Review corporate information architecture

  • See demos of personalized components in action

Discuss the agile model of deployment

Overview of migration options from your old intranet

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