Power BI Advanced Dashboard: 2 Week Proof of Concept

Nous Infosystems Inc.

Create Power BI advanced dashboards in just two weeks providing actionable data visualizations making use of all the data sources effectively.

Nous Infosystems delivers a powerful Microsoft Power BI expertise, providing a comprehensive 2-week Proof of Concept (POC) for tailored solutions. Our BI experts, with over two decades of experience, craft advanced dashboards, emphasizing custom visualizations, dynamic pilot solutions, long-term BI roadmaps, and robust data security. Partner with Nous for impactful Power BI dashboards that elevate your organization's data-driven decision-making.

Power BI Expertise:

Nous Infosystems empowers organizations with Microsoft Power BI expertise, offering a comprehensive 2-week Proof of Concept (POC) for Power BI solutions.

A tailored program designed to create advanced Power BI dashboards that transcend traditional reporting boundaries, showcasing our proficiency in Power BI dashboard design.

Tailored Program:

Focus on creating advanced Power BI dashboards that transcend traditional reporting boundaries, highlighting our Power BI dashboard design expertise.

BI experts with over two decades of experience understand unique data landscapes and organizational requirements, ensuring a tailored approach in our Power BI solutions.

Custom Visualizations:

Meticulously craft custom visualizations within Power BI, aligning with specific business goals and demonstrating our Power BI dashboard design proficiency.

Emphasis on generating actionable business reports providing tangible insights through our expertise in Power BI solutions.

Dynamic Pilot Solution:

Power BI POC goes beyond showcase demonstrations, incorporating live reports for a dynamic pilot solution and showcasing the practical application of our Power BI expertise.

Showcase how organizations can extract maximum value from their data using our Power BI solutions and expert dashboard design.

Long-Term BI Roadmap:

Collaborate on crafting a long-term BI roadmap for sustained success, scalability, and continuous improvements in organizational data utilization through our expertise in Power BI solutions.

Nous Infosystems ensures a focus on long-term success, scalability, and continuous improvement in organizational data utilization in our Power BI dashboard design.

Data Security:

A top priority in our Power BI solutions with robust access controls and compliance with industry standards, ensuring data security is a key aspect of our Power BI expertise.

Proactive measures taken to safeguard data, showcasing our commitment to secure Power BI dashboard design.

Scalability and Evolution:

Solutions designed for scalability, evolving alongside organizational data needs, demonstrating the adaptability of our Power BI solutions.

Proven track record of delivering data visualizations that generate actionable insights for diverse organizations, showcasing the scalability of our Power BI dashboard design.

Ideal Power BI Partner:

Nous Infosystems stands out as the ideal partner for the Power BI journey, offering advanced Power BI dashboards and expert dashboard design services.

Contact Nous today to witness the impact of Power BI advanced dashboards and custom visualizations on your organization's data-driven decision-making through our specialized Power BI expertise.


Week 1

  • Review existing Database/Data Warehouse and reporting environment
  • Understand business reporting and analytics requirements and identify the use cases for POC
  • Analysis of possible solution approaches and solution recommendation
  • Discuss and define implementation road-map

Week 2

  • Develop Proof of Concept for the identified use cases in Power BI
  • Train analysts and SMEs on the creation of powerful visualizations and usage


  • Solution recommendation for the business requirements
  • Two compelling dashboards for selected use cases
  • Power BI Implementation roadmap

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