Modernize Communications: 2-day Cloud Accel Wkshop


This remote workshop is designed to help Poly Customers experience Microsoft Teams Calling through immersive experiences, use-cases, and deep-dive planning, resulting in actionable recommendations.


Day 1 a. Assess (Pre-work questionnaire). - 60 mins b. Identify key business decision maker stakeholders. - 30 mins c. Gather information about Customer environment. - 60 mins d. Research Customer challenges and opportunities. - 60 mins 2. Evolution of Voice - 60 mins a. Demonstrations i. Microsoft Teams Calling

  1. Microsoft Teams to Microsoft Teams calling
  2. Microsoft Teams to PSTN calling
  3. PSTN to Microsoft Teams calling ii. Microsoft Teams Devices - 60 mins
  4. Headsets
  5. Phones
  6. Speakerphones iii. Advanced scenarios - 60 mins
  7. Executive/admin delegation
  8. Call queue and auto-attendant
  9. Attendant console
  10. Analog Devices (elevator phone, common area, waiting room, alarm systems, paging systems)
  11. Contact Center integrations b. PBX to Microsoft Teams journey

Day 2

  1. Build the Plan a. Adoption Change Management - 60 mins i. Communication ii. Training b. Scenario Discovery - 60 mins i. User analysis ii. Telephony to Microsoft Teams analysis iii. Feature mapping c. Workload Analysis - 60 mins i. Licensing - 30 mins ii. Phone System iii. Calling policies d. Closeout - 60 mins

  2. Deliver the Plan - 60 mins a. Findings and recommendations b. Customer deployment plan c. Next steps and actions

Workshop outcome: – Evaluation of your current telephony and PBX needs. – Environmental and workload analysis. – Demonstrate the end-to-end Microsoft Teams Calling experience. – Direction on how to transform various user profiles into modern collaboration and communication environment. – Customized report-out with actionable recommendations you can follow to enable and adopt Microsoft Teams for Calling.

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