SSRS to Power BI - Converter

Prelude Systems Inc

SSRS to Power BI - Consulting & Implementation

Simplify and minimize the manual touch points in migration through SSRS to Power BI converter (a reference to RDL Migration tool), with a User-friendly interface. Accelerator could migrate 1000s of SSRS reports to Power BI in one click. Detailed migration results are available in Excel format. The migrated reports are created as Paginated Reports, which could be readily converted to pdf. Note: Duration & cost of the project is totally dependent on below listed factors.

  1. No. of SSRS reports to be converted to Power BI
  2. Test the reports which are converted through Accelerator (automated / semi-automated)
  3. Manual conversion of SSRS Reports due to unsupported features (expedited through RDL Metadata extraction process) Users could navigate directly to the Power BI workspace (migrated reports target folder). No software prerequisites (not required to download any source code (RDL Migration tool – Open source) and Power BI installer).

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