Stock allocation: 2-Hr Assessment


Cluster Reply, thanks to its experiences in the Retail Industry, can help retailers to improve the effectiveness of their sales across all major channels, through the Stock Allocation Management .

This assessment is focused on how the Stock Allocation Management Process (SAMP), that represents a major pillar of the retail and distribution process for retailers and wholesalers company. Using retail allocation systems helps retailers adopt new approaches to stock, it supports and embrace the complete supply chain process proactively, from the management of supply orders to their complete dispatch. Improving the stock management methods, through special algorithms, often means reducing waste, increase the rotation of goods and accuracy during replenishments and shipping orders. This also provides the opportunity for retailers to encourage sales by pushing stock of a similar type, or that a certain type of shopper may favor, to certain locations. Having a system that allows this information to be analyzed for future forecasting is something retailers can profit from.

These are the main benefits obtained with this approach proposed by Cluster Reply: • Learn from your data with dedicated reports • Increased Stock rotation • Optimize the picking process • Increased customer satisfaction with precise and punctual deliveries • Ensure stores have the right product in the right quantity

Agenda of the assessment: • General overview and presentation of the stock allocation management approach • Review the business landscape and provide a first draft of the main issues based on our experience. • Define possible evaluation steps for the implementation of Stock Allocation Management solutions on the processes of the Company involved in the briefing

We help retailers and wholesalers deliver a real impact for a better experience, better insight, better business. This no-obligation informational briefing is designed for all customers interested in this methodology approach in order to offer them our approach and experience in dealing with the retail industry, so that they can evaluate how it can be adapted and applied to their processes.

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