Copilot for Microsoft 365: 12-Wk Impact Analysis Implementation


Analyze and increase the adoption of Copilot for your Microsoft 365 environment with WM Reply's experts

WM Reply are digital workplace experts who create exceptional employee experiences. Specializing in Microsoft 365, we create digital workspaces that foster meaningful, online engagements for employees. We can help you leverage the power of AI with Microsoft Copilot by ensuring compliance and governance, so you stay secure. We’ll help address existing and potential permission challenges and train employees to use AI in their roles effectively and safely.

This 12-week implementation is a proprietary set of engagements added as an extension to our business pilot to help measure and drive the adoption of Copilot across your organization. The engagements are described as follows:

  1. Copilot Dashboard: Understand and setup the Copilot dashboard to get key Microsoft generated insights based on your Copilot usage with the help of WM Reply experts.
  2. Employee Surveys: Get a detailed understanding of how your employees use Copilot for their daily work based on results from our specially designed surveys.
  3. Focus Groups: WM Reply will conduct sessions with select users from your organization to understand their challenges and increase Copilot adoption for their routine work.
  4. A/B Testing: Test how different business areas function with and without Copilot for specific use cases picked by our experts.
  5. ROI Calculation: Estimate the ROI you are getting out of your Copilot investment through WM Reply’s assessments. This engagement can only be done in extension to the employee surveys or A/B testing.

By the end of this implementation, you will have an in depth understanding of how to get the most out of Copilot for your employees based on their feedback and WM Reply’s expert mentorship throughout the course of the 12 weeks.

Note: The price and timeline of the engagements will depend on the complexity, company size and overall scope of the implementation.

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