Protiviti's User Access Review Tool - 7 Week Implementation


Leveraging Microsoft Power Platform, Protiviti’s User Access Review Tool fully automates user access reviews improving compliance and efficiency

Manual user access reviews are very time consuming. With many components, it is difficult to execute a manual review without failing one of many steps. Theses challenges have potential points of failure which can lead to negative consequences such as SOX deficiencies, inappropriate access, and additional auditor work. This process also keeps your team from working on other valuable activities within your organization. Leveraging Microsoft Power Automate, Power Apps and Power BI, Protiviti’s User Access Review Tool fully automating user access reviews.

Key Benefits of Protiviti's User Access Review Tool:

  1. Improve Compliance: Extract user access information completely and accurately while retaining all evidence and complying with regulation standards.
  2. Increase Efficiency: Eliminate the manual tasks in spreadsheets and emails saving time and resources leveraging Microsoft technologies
  3. Meet Deadlines: Automatically send access listings and role information to reviewers helping you meet deadlines
  4. Reduce Errors: Receive and track results while also ensuring modifications are accurate

Key Features:

  1. Review and approve multiple systems simultaneously
  2. Receive automated notifications and follow ups
  3. Document access removal rationale
  4. Ability to customize
  5. Track status

Success Story: 10,000+ user/role combinations reviewed for 20+ in-scope applications 8 days to complete UAR 300+ reviewers 2,000+ hours saved per year from reviewers and IT personnel

"I can’t thank you enough for developing such an amazing solution!" - CIO

Price can vary depending on amount of data and size of the environment

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