Power Apps: 2-Week Assessment

RSM Product Sales LLC

Accelerate innovation with low code using Microsoft Power Apps

RSM’s Power Apps assessment will help your business define and deliver a Power Apps implementation roadmap.

Whether your organization already uses Power Apps or you are just beginning a digital transformation journey, RSM’s Power Apps Assessment will help you leverage the power of Microsoft’s Power Apps low code application development framework.

Power Apps provides services to help customers rapidly build apps to modernize and innovate faster to eliminate inefficiencies and solve challenges across any part of the business. RSM’s assessment will help your business identify business processes and legacy applications that can be converted to Power Apps. The two-week assessment includes an estimated budget, defined scope, and timeline to build and launch Power Apps.

RSM helps organizations understand the benefits of an all-in-one comprehensive platform and how to improve efficiency and cost optimization by transitioning from paper processes, non-automated business processes, and inefficient on-premises applications to Microsoft’s Power Apps low code applications.

RSM provides a comprehensive assessment based on proven implementation strategies and incorporates critical elements of your governance and operations as needed for a successful engagement by:

    • Empowering all types of developers to build apps at scale
    • Managing cultural change
    • Implementing a Center of Excellence model for nurturing users and managing governance, security, and support
    • Application development services to solve business critical problems with modern and high value apps
    • Extending and modernizing first and third-party apps


    • Visualize – envision future state of business
    • Identify – outline areas for investment
    • Align – demonstrate technology
    • Plan – layout roadmap

RSM’s insights and portfolio of services reflect more than 30 years of technology consulting, implementation and monitoring experience. We work hard to understand your specific technology needs and provide the services to help you develop a customized, cost-effective solution.

*Pricing will vary based on scope and available Microsoft funding.

*Duration will vary based on scope.

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