Real-Time Cold Fleet Monitoring: 2-Hr Briefing

Saviant Technology Consulting & Software Development Pvt. Ltd.

Interactive session for cold fleet monitoring to achieve real-time temperature for remote asset management for effective visibility of perishable goods and products in transit, using Power BI

Create a high-level roadmap to ensure successful delivery of perishable goods by provisioning real-time temperature and remote asset monitoring.

This interactive briefing aims to help food and logistics enterprises in implementing cold-fleet monitoring solution.

Understand how you can connect temperature, humidity, location data from sensors and devices to enable real-time visibility of cold-fleet and prevent damage to perishable goods through critical alerts and notifications.


Assessment (1 Hour)

  • Analysis of existing remote asset monitoring and fleet management system
  • Identifying business KPIs for effective fleet management
  • Study of existing BI and telematics platform

Demonstration (30 -40 mins)

  • Case study and demo of similar use cases

Q & A (15 - 20 mins)


  • Quick Assessment Report
  • High-level use cases for business KPIs
  • Customer stories presentation and demo
  • PoC/Implementation roadmap

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