SCADA Data & Data Lake Analytics: 2-Hr Briefing

Saviant Technology Consulting & Software Development Pvt. Ltd.

Expert insights into SCADA data analytics, using Microsoft Power BI for predicting outcomes and preventing failures.

Knowledge session for global enterprises seeking to analyse SCADA data using Azure Data Lake for predictive analytics.

The rapid increase in volume of SCADA data coming from machine and remote assets is crucial to derive critical business intelligence for improving throughput and operational efficiency.

Enterprises can assess important KPIs from their SCADA data.


Assessment (1 Hour)

  • Assessment of existing SCADA data analytics and reporting application
  • Identifying business KPIs for SCADA data analytics
  • Study of data frequency and sources

Demonstration (30 -40 mins)

  • Case study and demo of similar use cases

Q & A (15 - 20 mins)


  • Quick Assessment Report
  • High-level use cases for business KPIs
  • Customer stories presentation and demo
  • PoC/Implementation roadmap

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