SCADA & Data Lake Analytics: 2-Wk Proof of Concept

Saviant Technology Consulting & Software Development Pvt. Ltd.

Jumpstart your SCADA data analytics initiative with a working Proof of Concept to predict outcomes and failures.

Global enterprises seeking to analyze their SCADA data using Azure Data Lake can leverage this pilot implementation for predictive analytics.

The dashboards will be tailored to analyze streaming data from SCADA systems for 1-2 important KPIs agreed to at the start of this engagement.


Week 1:

  • Existing data analytics and reporting application
  • Understanding business needs from enterprise data
  • Create a BI roadmap for SCADA data analytics

Week 2:

  • Design build, data connections and dashboards based on the findings of week 1
  • Mid-term demonstration for feedback
  • Final handover of dashboards with documentation


  • Solution architecture for your SCADA Analytics strategy.
  • Data model as per your existing SCADA systems.
  • Live connection with existing data system.
  • 3 - 4 dashboards, each dashboard with 5 - 6 visuals


  • KPIs and dashboard ideas gathered through discussion with stakeholders
  • Sample data for the KPIs

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