SherWeb BI & Analytics: 4-Wk Implementation


Looking for ways to optimize your organization’s performance? Hit the ground running with production-ready Power BI reports that will help you make smarter business decisions.

Simplify Your Reporting System

Are you tired of sifting through several sources to monitor your business data? With SherWeb’s BI & Analytics solution, you can view all the complex data you want from one central location. For example, if you’re a CEO, Marketer or Sales Manager, you can take advantage of these great benefits:

  • Save big money on your manual reporting processes
  • Get a 360-degree view of your business and get valuable insights from your data
  • Help the sales team meet its targets
  • Improve your sales forecast
  • Identify and increase ROI by product
  • Improve customer fidelity

Entrerprise-grade BI for an Affordable and Predictable Cost

Traditional BI projects can cost up to six figures. And it’s rare that self-serve BI tools will offer the guidance and reliability you need. SherWeb’s team of BI experts will help you pick the right KPIs and deliver secure, high-quality reports in weeks, not months.


Week 1 Kickoff and requirements

  • Reporting needs analysis
  • Data discovery and quality assessment
  • Recommendations and selection of best practice KPIs

Week 2-3 Connect & ETL

  • Activate Azure tenant
  • Deploy instance of SQL Azure database
  • Connect to your on-premises and cloud sources
  • Map data sources to destination
  • Write ETL processes for each data source

Week 4 Acceptance and deployment

  • End-to-end data accuracy and testing
  • Solution ready for customer sign-off
  • Configure and deploy Power BI users
  • Train users on reports and Power BI features

Fixed-price monthly subscription

SherWeb offers a flexible monthly subscription which can be adapted to your business needs. You can quickly add and adjust your reports at a fraction of the initial setup fee. Monthly subscription costs are not included in the offer price. See below for details.

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