Dynamics Customer Insights: 1 Hour Briefing

Slalom Consulting

Work with an experienced and established delivery partner to see how Dynamics 365 Customer Insights can modernize your customer experiences and unlock business value for your organization.

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Why focus on Customer Data? Why CDPs?

Consumers and users expect more from brands than ever before:
Personalized experiences, Easy and Seamless Experiences, Relevant and Timely Communications, as well as "Infinite" Choice

Why is this difficult today?
*Data is siloed
*Lack of governance
*Incomplete insights
*3rd-party data is going away
*Business case is not clear
*Marketplace ambiguity

Delivering on these expectations requires that we know our customers- this means we understand their behavior and context:
*Past behavior is the best predictor of what consumers will do next, but behavioral data (activity, events, transactions, user interactions, etc.) has been siloed in activation and campaign platforms.
*By understanding someone's context - the circumstances that surround the consumer's engagement - better predictions, recommendations, and personalization can be made, but this data has been difficult to unify and act on in the moment.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights empower every organization to unify and understand its customer data to deliver insights that power personalized experiences and processes.

We’d be happy to review your current business process and assess how Dynamics 365 Customer Insights can help realize your vision.

This briefing is designed to review a business process and its pain points with one of our business application experts to understand how your organization can leverage Dynamics 365 Customer Insights to meet your goals.

*Review your existing business process
*Discuss your current goals and limitations
*Discuss your main priorities and objectives
*Review potential solutions leveraging Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

After the Briefing, also consider our Proof of Concept or MVP Assessment offerings.

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