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Slalom Consulting

With the leading perspective of Microsoft Fabric, Slalom is ready to bring your business a unified analytics solution in the era of Generative AI across EVERY aspect of the Microsoft data platform.

Slalom has been listening to its customers, and we've heard that a centralized data and analytics system is becoming more and more important to support D&A efforts and prevent organizational failures.

Microsoft has just released its new solution that enables the company wide modernization of data & analytics platforms that are critical to business transformation. Some of the highlights of this new capability are:

  • Integrated, SaaS-based suites that can integrate any data source
  • Industry-leading, built in security, compliance, and governance
  • Easy-to-use analytics and center of enablement for increased business agility
  • Cost-transparent suite with reduced management overhead

Slalom is positioned ahead of all other SI's to bring Microsoft Fabric to impact at your organization. Fabric brings together existing offerings like Data Factory, Synapse, and Power BI into a single unified product for all your D&A workloads.

The most common analytics scenarios that we are ready to deliver on and bring an accelerated perspective on are: Lakehouse (OneLake) - Synapse Data Warehouse - Synapse Data Science - Synapse Real Time Analytics (Kusto) - Fabric Data Factory - Fabric Domains - Fabric Security and Governance - Capacity Management - Fabric Data Engineering

We are ready to help you future-proof your business by doing more with less. Every aspect of our offering utilizes Copilot in Microsoft Fabric, bringing vast new capabilities and accessible insights to every workstream it touches.

Below are the some of the many offering pathways we can take your organization on.

Our OneLake offering will dive into how we can bring a data lake as a service without your team needing to build it. The OneLake will act as the “OneDrive for Data” by creating a single unified logical SaaS data lake for your whole organization with no silos. Our team will help you understand how this will organize your data into domains and act as a foundation for all Fabric data items.

Our Synapse Data Warehouse offering will center in on the specifics of how to properly implement, utilize, and manage the first transactional data warehouse that natively embraces an open standard format. We help your team unlock the infinitely scalable and open capabilities of the Synapse Data Warehouse on top of OneLake, as well as properly utilize the serverless nature of its compute - which replaces the dedicated clusters for your future compute infrastructure.

Our Synapse Data Science offering is centered around a technical strategy aimed at bringing end-to-end data science for predictive business insights to your team. With a data centric approach, made easier by the Open Delta Lake of Fabric, we will bring your team through the process of problem formulation/ideation → data discovery and pre-processing → experimentation → enriching and operationalizing your project → insights. With our in-depth knowledge of the new tools of Fabric, we will integrate Fabric at every step, and teach your team how to manage the new capabilities.

Our Synapse Real Time Analytics (Kusto) offering focuses on enabling you organization to focus and scale up your analytics solutions, reducing real-time analytics complexity, and simplifying integration with event streaming. New capabilities like default integration with Power BI, default indexing, and native support for structured, semi-structured, and free text data will be properly utilized as we restructure and radically modernize your real time data insights and skills.

Slalom’s Fabric Data Factory offering combines the power of Azure Data Factory and Power Query - enabling data integration for everyone, massive scale data transformation, and 100s of connectors with multi-cloud connectivity. Our team will help you unlock the speed and power of MODERN data integration - radically changing the way you move from ‘Get Data’ to ‘Query and Prep’ to ‘Orchestrate’. Your insights have never been more powerful or more easily generated!

Slalom is ready to also take your team on a journey that is highly relevant to your industry. Fabric and its new capabilities have led us to reimagine:

  • Healthcare
  • Financial Services
  • Public Sector
  • Retail
  • Sustainability

Each industry presents its own unique data challenges, and Slalom has identified key ways in which we can bring the best of Fabric to meet them.

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