Justice and Public Safety Data Insights: 3-Month Implementation

Slalom Consulting

This Slalom Power BI implementation helps solve the challenges that are facing modern policing by seeking to address bias, and ensure communities have full visibility into policing activity.

At Slalom, we talk about creating modern, data-enabled public safety agencies that transform how they operate and serve their communities. We partner with law enforcement agencies to create a Modern Culture of Data that enables your police leaders to spot crime trends faster, promote situational awareness and officer wellness, and effectively tell your story. Leveraging our Public Safety Accelerator, your agency can unlock its data through intuitive, real-time dashboards customized for the priorities that matter most to your community.

An outcome of this engagement is our ability to utilize the Slalom - Power BI Justice and Public Safety Data Insights accelerator which utilizes modern cloud resources across the Microsoft suite and Azure Platform to bring Key Business Value to your organization. By utilizing Power BI and pre-built reports to accelerate the speed to value, we are able to tie directly to your known data sources and known data-schema to generate high value insights for your department.

Power BI implementation remains a key focus of ours - and our 3-month implementation utilizes the best practices we've gathered across all of our engagements, and collaboration with Microsoft to the table.

Decrease effort to build impactful analysis by up to 60% of all development time while improving accuracy and report standardization. Focuses on identifying opportunities to improve officer health, decreasing risk of officer attrition, and improve overall officer well-being. Improve understanding and visibility in all aspects of policing for greater connection to public officials and key community leaders. Brings best practices from leading policing solutions across the country to new areas.

Why this Solution?

We enable your agency with modern data insights so you can make the best strategic and tactical public safety decisions, addressing the following challenges:

Unlocking real-time insights. Gaining deeper understanding of officer and community needs through Power BI visualizations. Measure impacts of policies and training. Increase speed, accuracy, and effectiveness of officer response. Improve safety and wellbeing for officers and the community. Strengthen community trust and transparency - taking advantage of Power BI's transparent views and ability to be shared at large with public facing entities.

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