Adoption & Change Management Advisory 6d-Implement


We help you to create a successful Adoption & Change Management program for transitioning to a new way of working

Microsoft 365 is a user-friendly program that enables organizations and their people to produce, gather, manage, store, and present valuable data in new, transformative ways of working. Microsoft 365 helps an organization drive the technical side change while Adoption and Change Management will support an organizations on the adaptive side of change transitioning from current state to future state including redefining structure, process, implementation, involving enhanced strategies to sustain best business practice needs. Our Adoption and Change Management Advisory services help organizations craft a support strategy as they transition and transform into a new phase for change. Change may impact end-users, the organization, third-party vendors, or clients surrounding the business. Our team works with organizations to co-create strategies by segments; depending on customer requirements, the timeframes can vary to gradually implement a successful action plan. We help organizations address end-user engagement and awareness of these upcoming changes through numerous communication styles to mitigate resistance and negative impact on the company. Our consultants begin with an Adoption and Change Management diagnostic known as the discovery phase to understand individual

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