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Data Insights: 4-Hr Workshop

SPR Consulting

A FREE data insight workshop that helps you uncover the value in the numbers hidden in your systems.

We make your data come to life, giving you the confidence to make well-informed decisions.

This half-day workshop is a collaborative effort that culminates with an onsite meeting to present your business insights.


We Chat

During a 1 hour scoping phone meeting, we learn about your functional area’s challenge and what information you would love to know. We determine how to best gather this data and establish analytics criteria (for example, you’d like to see data by time, location, customer, employee).

You Send

After our scoping workshop, you pass along the agreed upon data from databases and spreadsheets for us to analyze.

We Organize

We prepare your data for visualizations by developing a data model to address your specific questions.

You Benefit

We come back together in a 1-2 hour in-person meeting with key functional stakeholders to unveil actionable insights for your team.


This FREE workshop is best for functional areas who haven’t invested in an analytics tool or who have invested in Power BI but don’t understand how to use it or aren’t seeing the results they had hoped.