Viva Connections: 4-Wk full implementation

Coegi Cloud AB

Within 4-weeks, at a fixed price, our experienced and certified staff will have your organization up and running with Viva Connections.

Managing a hybrid workplace that also can be multilingual where the staff need to focus but also gain quick access to secure and the latest organizational content isn't always easy. Add demands for productivity increase with good work-life balance and you might be in over your head.

If your organization is looking for a modern employee experience designed to keep everyone engaged and informed, Viva Connections and our 4-week fixed price implementation is just what you are looking for! Viva Connections helps the entire organization stay engaged and informed with seamless information sharing by providing employees with a curated experience that includes relevant news, conversations, and other resources—all in one place.

Our experienced and certified staff reduces the need for prior knowledge about Viva Connections or Microsoft 365 on the part of your staff. Our staff's industry independence also provides inspiration from other industries within our project. Our standardized implementation process approach:

*Reduces possible risks, *Creates project time table that last, *Ensures delivery precision, and *Ensures expectations and communication.

Our implementation of your Viva Connections installation is done at a fixed price. The only thing that is not included in our implementation is are Microsoft 365 subscriptions (if your organization is lacking Microsoft 365 subscriptions for Business, we can help you out with licensing).

Every step is taylored to have you up and running within 4 weeks.


  • Sufficient SharePoint home site
  • Implementing out of the box dashboard cards
  • Implementing third-party dashboard cards
  • Setting up your prefered content hierarchy keeping your employees engaged and informed on important news and announcements
  • Adoption plan for implementation and education
  • Maintenance plan

###Weekly Implementation Agenda

  • Week 1: Workshop for inspiration, setting delivables, and implementation time frames
  • Week 2: Implementation and functional testing
  • Week 3: Super-user group feedback, continuous implementation and functional testing
  • Week 4: Education and Go Live

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