Insider Risk Management: 4 week Assessment

BDO Digital, LLC

Have a plan on how to reduce data leakage focused on insider risk from within your organizational walls

BDO Digital has an approach that not only reviews external threats but evaluates how data is being used within the organization and can determine what activities and events are of higher risk before the business is impacted. Typical roadmaps leverage Microsoft 365 to evaluate and get started with Insider Risk Management, Communication Compliance, End Point DLP (data loss protection), and Office 365 Customer Lockbox to provide an additional layer of control.

  • STEP 1 - Workshops: Discovery session to review baseline for insider risk based on BDO Digital questionnaire
  • STEP 2 - Strategy & Design: Working sessions for governance structure, risk management team, impact analysis to the organization, existing process, technology & training
  • STEP 3 - Recommendations: Outline best practices and focus areas to improve your risk position related to insider threats

This solution allows a culture of collaboration and business innovation where data exposure is reduced. At the end of this engagement, your organization will be able to identify and mitigate insider risk to minimize and easily access data needed to perform job functions and ensure code of conduct compliance.

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