Nonprofit Security Maturity Assessment - 4 weeks

BDO Digital, LLC

Roadmap to increase your security score with cost-effective security tools

BDO Digital will create a roadmap that will increase your security score focused on your security and identity models. Our goal is to review your security risk posture and improve your nonprofit’s overall compliance and security maturity for protection of important donor information, volunteer information, beneficiary data, and more. At the end of this engagement, your nonprofit organization will be able to manage risk and reduce IT spend, all while improving overall operational efficiencies.

Typical nonprofit security roadmaps include deployments of Defender Suite,​ Intune Modern Management​, Conditional Access, ​Cloud App Security, ​AAD P2 Features, ​Microsoft Information Protection, ​Azure Security Center / Azure Arc​ Azure Sentinel.

  • STEP 1 - Workshops: Discovery session to level-set on security, identity, connectivity, security operations and identify gaps and opportunities
  • STEP 2 - Environment Scan: Scan security landscape to identify vulnerabilities and validate consistencies
  • STEP 3 – Analysis: Evaluate the workstations, servers, beneficiary and constituent data centers, donor and volunteer networks, and identity flow to improve your security score
  • STEP 4 - Recommendations: Present roadmap findings to team, along with proposed initiatives and actionable first steps

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