Microsoft 365 Security: 1 Month Implementation

Valorem LLC

A detailed baseline assessment of your current and desired state followed by a pilot production of Microsoft’s advanced security solutions to accelerate your modern security journey.

Increasingly sophisticated cybersecurity threats like phishing and malware as well as the introduction of complex information protection regulations have made security and compliance one of the highest organizational priorities for today’s business leaders. While advanced security technologies are enabling unprecedented data control to mitigate such risks, knowing which tools will best fit your environment and how to deploy them successfully and efficiently can be challenging.

Valorem Reply’s Modern Protection Pilot was designed to simplify and accelerate your security and compliance journey with best in breed technologies and practices to accelerate and maintain your security goals. We do this through a three-step process, perfected over years of helping clients of all size and shape mitigate cyber risk.

Valorem Reply assists you in developing a strategic plan based on your cybersecurity requirements, technical maturity and understanding of how to use the latest and most advanced security tools and best practices to protect, detect, and respond to advanced attacks in your IT environment- on premises and in the cloud.


  • Formal cybersecurity assessment to include compliance, people, process and technology
  • Executive summary of control recommendations and risk impact
  • Security strategy documentation for your teams and stakeholders


  • Understand the security features of Windows 10, Office 365, and Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security and how they can be used.
  • Prioritize the implementation of the key features and scenarios based on your IT and business context.
  • Learn how to use the latest and most advanced security features to protect, detect, and respond to advanced attacks in your IT environment, on premises and in the cloud.

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