Advanced Distribution SMB: 2 week Proof of Concept

VetaTek, LLC

An affordable enterprise grade cloud solution for distribution and manufacturing companies to help SMB leaders make more informed decisions.

This advanced distribution cloud solution starts with a foundational assessment to understand the current state of your business. For example, does your business:

• Struggle with accurate and timely tracking of inventory across one or multiple locations? • Have multiple disconnected systems for inventory, warehouse management, accounting and shipping? • Have manual or paper-based warehouse processes for shipping and receiving?

After determining your appropriate needs, we will allow you to test drive this solution in a tailored and customized sandbox environment. Upon completion of this POC and a walk-through of key processes, a configuration of one Business Central company is created which includes on-demand learning and training, importation of financial information and documentation, and go-live support options.

Our solution is based on the Business Central platform which includes out of the box and enhanced features we have created to address the specific challenges of small to mid-sized distribution and manufacturing companies. While many companies are interested in this type of software, it is typically too expensive for them to leverage. Here at VetaTek, we believe in putting customers first, so we’ve made a concerted effort to alleviate these concerns by spreading out the implementation cost over the life of the contract! Contact us today to uncover the power of the Business Central Platform!

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