Infochola Singapore GST Localization (iSGST)


Enable GST Compliance, Reporting requirements for Singapore IRAS, Record and Prepares GST report

This iSGST Extension is designed to help GST-registered businesses prepare and keep records for GST purposes in order to comply with Singapore Tax reporting, Business records can be kept electronically with efficient, Detailed and accurate recording of your business transactions. Small and medium-sized companies can have access to GST reporting on time with up-to-date information on demand. This GST extension will assist businesses to improve record keeping best practices.


1. Automated GST Sales and Purchase entries.
2. Input and output tax details in FCY and LCY.
3. Get the reference for GST Form 5 Layouts.
4. Group by GST Product Posting group (DS,ES33,ESN33,IGDS,IM,ME,SR,SRCA-C,SRCA-S,TX,TXCA,TXCA16,ZP and ZR) in GST Posting Setup Sales and Purchase Tax Code.
5. Export IRAS Report in a few steps.


1. GST Purchase Report
2. GST Sales Report
3. GST Report - Vendor
4. GST Report - Customer
5. GST Form 5
6. Audit Reports

Supported Editions

This app supports the Essentials and Premium Editions of Dynamics 365 Business Central

Supported Countries

This app is available in Singapore

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