pryme Intercompany Projects

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Manage, share and automatically projects data between a free selection of companies.

How difficult is it to manage your intercompany projects? Struggling to share data across the companies within the group in a reliable way? Facing collaboration issues at an operational level?

Forget about manually copying data from one business to another by maintaining a single copy of master data (customers, resources and projects).
Automate your intercompany projects to operate as ONE.
In a nutshell, improve collaboration, get better insights, and avoid duplication of effort across multiple companies.

A study by IDC found that companies that use cross-company data sharing software see an average increase of 30% in their project completion rate.

Share data across companies within a group in a consistent way eliminating manual data aggregation with pryme Intercompany:

    • Ensure master data consistency, that’s to say transfer customers, resources, and projects between tenants regardless of their location.

    • Improve your data quality by maintaining a single copy of master data.

    • Choose between centralised data sharing or dynamic data exchange ensuring in both cases that all companies in the group have access to the same up-to-date information. Act as the primary source of data for the entire group or easily transfer data within companies.

    • Streamline your intercompany projects through:
      • automated creation of intercompany projects for resources
      • automated transfer of time entries
      • timely client invoicing

Built on (Progressus) Advanced Projects. It includes all functionalities of pryme Intercompany Master Data Management.

Supported Editions: ​
The app supports the Essentials and Premium Editions of Dynamics 365 Business Central. ​

Supported Countries: ​
Countries where Dynamics 365 Business Central is available.​

Supported Languages: ​

pryme Intercompany (Master) Data Management comes with pre-configured data messages that can be adjusted as needed.​
pryme Intercompany Projects is certified for Progressus PSA with pre-configured packages for Intercompany Project Automation.​


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