Supply Chain Cloud - Move

Blue Horseshoe Solutions, Inc.

Supply Chain Cloud - Move offers embedded MHE integration directly into Dynamics 365 SCM

Supply Chain Cloud - Move offers Warehouse Automation for Dynamics 365 SCM

Supply Chain Cloud - Move offers embedded Material Handling Equipment (MHE) integration directly into the Dynamics 365 SCM framework to deliver warehouse automation solutions. Supply Chain Cloud - Move provides a real-time communication and workflow layer that interfaces to the Material Handling System. This includes channel support for multiple MHE systems, as well as a subscription based interface for work transactions, and real time work execution.

Embedded MHE Integration for Dynamics 365 for Operations

· Conveyor

· Sortation

· Carousel


· Pick-to-Light

· Put-to-Light

· Print & Apply

· Multi-Equipment Support

· Lightning Pick Integration

Control Center Event Dashboard

· Inbound/Outbound Messages

· Throughput/Status

Subscription Enablement

· Support for any WHS transaction type

· Seamless work execution trigger

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