Supply Chain Cloud - Order

Blue Horseshoe Solutions, Inc.

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Optimize your enterprise fulfillment strategies across multiple companies, channels and warehouses.

The Supply Chain Cloud Order module for Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations offers a single vision of your organization's global supply and demand chain, allowing accurate, reliable, real-time commitments to your customers. Take control of your Order Orchestration process to optimize your enterprise fulfillment strategies across multiple companies, multiple channels and multiple warehouses with this single application.

"Keep Your Business-Critical Promises"

Retain current customers and attract new customers with a robust and accurate order promising strategy, enabled by the Supply Chain Cloud Order module for Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations.

  • Order Scheduling
    • Define business logic that optimally manages your order lifecycle
  • Inventory Segmentation
    • Build fulfillment strategies to maximize your profits across all demand channels
  • Sourcing
    • Increase fill rates by selecting the optimal fulfillment point
  • Validation
    • Ensure accurate order processing requirements by defining your business validation policies
  • Substitution
    • Achieve maximum flexibility by automating your item substitution rules

About The Blue Horseshoe Supply Chain Cloud

The Blue Horseshoe Supply Chain Cloud transforms your business by connecting physical assets with digital intelligence. Empower your Digital Supply Chain with Dynamics 365 and the Supply Chain Cloud by creating and ecosystem of interaction with all of your systems to allow for seamless collaboration and execution.

Every stage. Every product. Every interaction.
  • Build Trust with Trading Partners
    • Seamlessly and securely collaborate with suppliers, customers, carriers, and trading partners

  • Drive profitable fleet operations
    • Manage asset movement and freight handling across the supply chain including route optimization and final mile delivery

  • Optimize fulfillment strategies
    • Create profitable and efficient fulfillment plans to meet the expectations you’ve set for your customers, distributors, and partners

  • Get real-time connectivity
    • Communicate in real-time with material handling equipment and voice enablement systems

  • Generate accurate, timely invoices
    • Streamline third party billing, improve invoice-to-cash cycles, and ensure you’re not leaving money on the table

  • Minimize freight costs
    • Minimize freight cost and maximize customer service. Find the most effective shipping option and connect directly with the carrier