IFR Dynamics 365 Lawyers


The solution has functionalities for the advocacy profession.

The Dynamics 365 Lawyers solution has the functionalities for all different areas of management within the advocacy profession.

Entry Management

The system allows the automatic creation of cases and clients through the integration of conflict control.

Cases Management

From the case, it is set up the control of all areas to be managed related to the case itself. Rates are kept for each of the lawyers or partners. They are specified by professional category and effective date. Additionally, positions, categories, disciplines, teams, etc., for each of the resources are established accordingly. For the cases financial control, the vertical solution offers the following functionalities

  • Expenses management: control of payments made to third parties on behalf of the client. The control is done from the beginning of the process with the proposed payment of the expenses, their accounting and collection.
  • Provision of funds management: control of provision of funds issued to the client and applied to each one of the invoices related to the fees, both by case and by customer. The system performs the netting of provision within the billing process.
  • Input of the lawyers and partner hours to the case: the control of the hours worked is established, the nominal amount, the billing status, the actual billing amount and the write off or markup applied to each transaction.
  • Management and control of expenses: input of expenses to the case. Control of advances to employees.
  • WIP (work in progress): control of work in progress, with functions to revalue the work in course and make the automatic postings thereof.
  • Billing

    Regarding the invoicing of the cases, the vertical solution offers a great deal of different billing possibilities.

  • Billing a single case to multiple clients
  • Billing of several cases to different clients
  • Pre-invoicing management (Write off, Markup): generation of the pre-invoice. Validation flow of the pre-bill until the invoice is issued.
  • Sales budget

    The vertical solution allows you to automatically make sales budgets of different natures, hours, amount, accounting, etc.


    Has a set of reports and queries for the complete analysis.

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