IFR Dynamics 365FO Building


Solution for the building sector.

The IFR Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations Building solution has the functionalities that enable construction projects management.

Bill of quantities and studies

  • Bill of quantities for public or private projects.
  • Direct and indirect costs studies.
  • Multiple-version bill of quantities.
  • Cost and sale bill of quantities differentiation.
  • BC3 import/export.
  • Execution

  • Complete management of purchases and costs.
  • Complete management of income.
  • Production management (real work progress).
  • In process and definitive construction work management.
  • Consumptions and stockpiles management.
  • Bid comparison.
  • Productions or milestones invoicing.
  • Planning

  • Project extensions and changes management.
  • Cost and income planning (cash-flow)
  • Procurement planning.
  • Analysis

  • Periodic close.
  • Economic and resource complete analysis of projects.
  • Planning analysis.
  • Trend analysis.
  • Project and group of projects scorecard.
  • Work in a smooth way with bill of quantities. Manage productions and certifications based on chapters and lines. Carry out at any moment an exhaustive control of the work construction execution, as well as all related costs and revenues. Carry out the profitability analysis of the construction work.

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