Human Capital Management Tool - Middle East


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The complete ‘hire to retire’ tool for companies operating in the Middle East with Dynamics 365.

AlfaPeople brings you state-of-the-art Dynamics 365 functionality. From HR to payroll, managing the life cycle of employees in your companies can be demanding. Human Capital Management solution, designed to increase productivity, reduce administrative workload and improve accuracy and stay comply to industry regulations whilst accurately reporting live data. 

Deliver the benefits:

  1. Automatic changes to payroll information such as extracting data to spreadsheets
  2. Deployment of resources more effectively and improvements in the recruitment of internal candidates with an integrated view of employee data
  3. Flexible budgeting and reporting hosted securely in the cloud
  4. Accessible information any time and any place helping maintain accuracy of data
  5. Increased employee satisfaction and productivity, with routine questions answered quickly
  6. Ability to easily manage the entire hiring process 

Beaming results!

  • Reduced employee inquiries by 60% 

  • Reduced HR response time by 46 hours

  • Automated payroll calculation

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