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The Quickest and Easiest way to computer-telephony integration!

To provide an exceptional customer experience during a call, it is essential that the call management solution (Telephony System) and the customer management solution (CRM) should be in sync. A good CTI integration provides crucial information to the agent during a call and helps manage the 'moment-of-truth' effectively.
Conventional CTI systems however, comes with a lot of inflexibility and are difficult to implement. They need to be customized specifically for each telephony system. The connectors are typically hard-coded and can cater to specific scenarios only. Such integrations are always time-consuming and changing the integration logic at a later point of time is always difficult. These integration invariably require a lot of technology involvement and cannot be defined by the by the business users. The CRM database searches are also restrictive and works for a couple of predefined parameters.

C Centric’s CTI solution addresses all the limitations of conventional CTI solution. Some of the key features of our CTI solution are:

  • It can integrate with any telephony system using common integration methods.
  • It is completely agnostic to the infrastructure, will work for multiple telephony systems simultaneously and will support both in-premise or cloud based Microsoft D365 CRM.
  • The solution provides a wizard-driven interface where the users can configure the CTI integration themselves in a matter of minutes!
  • An inbuilt simulator allows the users to simulate real life situations on the database to test and refine the integration.
  • The solution comes with a comprehensive set of features including defining multiple CTI connections, defining the parameters to be exchanged between the systems, the tables and fields to search , the sequence of executing multiple searches for the quickest results, the way the search results will be displayed; and so on.

C Centric's CTI solution allows easy and user-driven configuration of one of the most dreaded aspects your CRM project.

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