NDIS Disability Healthcare for Dynamics 365

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NDIS Disability Healthcare, onboarding, scheduling, claiming, payroll/NDIS/finance integration.


The NDIS Disability Healthcare Solution is a robust platform designed to empower NDIS providers with the functionality and tools to efficiently manage their participants, from the initial enquiry through to assessment and qualification. It offers the ability to capture vital information regarding their disability needs, communication and physical limitations, allergies, health and medical information as well as hobbies and interests. The next step of the engagement is to build a service agreement of the services they require and provide them with a NDIS quote to generate their schedule of support.  The solution has an in-built pricing book, which is updated in line with the NDIS pricing changes and caters for a variety of funding types from NDIS Managed, Self-Managed, Plan Managed and can cater for private or other special funding types as required.

 Key Features:

  • Business process flow to capture initial enquiry through to client assessment, qualification and onboarding 

  • Service agreement, NDIS quote and schedule of supports 

  • Capturing personal, health, medical, disability needs, goals and other vital information to support the delivery of NDIS services catered to the needs of the participant  

  • Scheduling resources based on availability, capacity, skills, qualifications and hourly rate to create the weekly Roster 

  • Catering for individual, recurring, supported independent living and group booking with multiple participants and ratios 

  • Progress notes / Goals Management

  • Incident and Risk Management

  • Finance NDIS claims and remittance and invoicing

  • Specialist disability accommodation for participants who want to be more independent, but due to their disability require extra help to live in a shared property arrangement

Analytics and Reporting: 
  • Gain insights into participant retention, satisfaction, bookings, financial potential and other key metrics through built-in reporting and dashboards

  • Seamless integration with Human Resource Management for Dynamics 365 Field Service to have a 360-degree view of employee interactions and relationships from initial engagement to termination.  Including Timesheet management, Performance management, Leave and Expenses, Training and catering for all operational day to day staff management functions

  • Data exports can be provided to be imported into your payroll system of choice incorporating staff hours, sleepover disturbances and travel or alternatively the solution is fully integrated with Employment Hero’s KeyPay Payroll 

  • Ensure compliance with NDIS regulatory requirements by enforcing standard contract terms and approval workflows

  • With the NDIS solution comes a fully customisable self-management portal that empowers your staff with the tools to manage their day-to-day operational tasks related to managing their bookings. This is a one-stop portal designed for the employee in mind and avoids the need to contact their managers for approvals as these can all be seamlessly emailed to them


  • Efficiency: Streamline NDIS processes, reducing manual data entry and administrative overhead

  • Accuracy: Ensure accurate participant and employee records are kept and maintained

  • Improved Participant retention:  Providing a platform where they can openly communicate with the NDIS Provider to help them gain more time with family and friends, greater independence, access to new skills, jobs or volunteering in their community allowing them to improve the quality of their life and happiness

  • Employee Satisfaction: Enhance employee relationships with timely and transparent communication and access to a self-management portal to manage their day-to-day employment administration activities

  • Compliance: Using standardized contract templates and workflows everyone follows the same processes and procedures 

  • Data-driven Decisions:  Email notifications to management of employee requests allow them to make informed business decisions and optimize employee satisfaction and avoid delays

The NDIS Disability Healthcare Solution empowers organizations to effectively manage their NDIS processes and procedures, ultimately driving the retention of participants and improving their tenure with an NDIS provider resulting in long-term revenue potential. This further allows them to improve participant relationships while maintaining compliance and accuracy throughout the participant lifecycle on a Dynamics 365 Field Service platform.

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